My Education Certificates

Learning new things is a joy for me, because I am someone who loves learning. It is like discovering a new world every time, full of wonders and surprises. Learning new things stimulates my mind and my curiosity, and makes me feel alive and excited. Learning new things is a way of growing and expanding my horizons, and of connecting with others who share the same passion. Learning new things is a gift that, for me, will never get old.

This 4 Week Educational Series provided great tools to help someone navigate through all of the areas of not only the technical process of Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) but also how to help someone navigate through the areas of life that are touched by the choice to receive maid both for the individual themselves as well as the family members. The series focused on the emotional, spiritual, & psycho-social elements of life that are affected by going through the MAiD process.